Coolsculpting is really an exciting new technology that we've been able to incorporate into my practice. Coolsculpting uses a process called Cryolipolysis. What it does it treats fat cells that are at a really specific temperature. You sit in a chair, and you get hooked up to a machine, and you sit there for an hour.

This cold temperature triggers the fat cells to get absorbed by the body so they go away permanently. And what's really nice about it is they get a very specific amount of fat removed. It's almost always somewhere between 22 and 28% of the fat in the treated area. So by treating different areas, we really can get a significant improvement.

The nice thing about Coolsculpting is it really can treat an area that you've always thought of as a problem area and may it go away so that you no longer self-conscious about things and feel good about things.

Restore Your Body Confidence With Non-Invasive CoolSculpting

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore discusses CoolSculpting for the treatment of unwanted fat, how it works, and on whom CoolSculpting works best.