Dr. Epstein: This is Dr. Epstein with a patient who unfortunately had some plug transplants done many, many years ago. He's always been unhappy with it. The reason why I'm filming him today is we just got rid of all of his scarring and he's very happy. I just like sharing it. This was him before. He had a lot of scarring, like triple, quadruple rows. You see all this scarring? All this stuff. He couldn't resume a normal life without a hair piece. We decided to go ahead and put balloon expanders in. He understood the process that was involved. He had three balloon expanders: one in the left forehead, one in the right forehead, and one up here behind the plugs. Basically, over the next--and let's go ahead and show them. Bring it in, Dane. Basically, one balloon was here, one balloon was here, and one balloon was here. We blew them up over a span of around eight weeks. Right, it was around eight weeks?

Dane: Yes.

Dr. Epstein: It was around eight weeks. He was a great patient. Anyway, we brought him back today. So he had all this stretched out skin. We were able to cut out the entire, around that much, of scar tissue, of old plug grafts--able to cut everything out. This was able to come up here. This was able to come up here. Everything now is nice and, for the most part, nice and flat. He's got a little bit of fluid in here. That's just part of the . . . literally, we just finished with him two minutes ago and we brought this flap that was expanded up forward. So essentially we've cut out his entire bad area of scalp, and he's really happy.

Dane: I can't believe it. That's amazing.

Dr. Epstein: Yeah. So this is for someone who's walked around for 20 years with plug graft scarring that couldn't take his hat off. He basically is left with no scarring other than a very fine line scar, which right now shows a little bit, but he's literally five minutes post-op. That will get better and he's going to have, basically, a normal bald scalp, which is really what he wanted to get. You're happy, right?

Dane: I'm very happy. I really thought it was still going to be all lumpy and stuff.

Dr. Epstein: Yeah.

Removing Old Hair Plug Scars Gives One Man a New Lease on His Social Life

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein gives us a peek into the finished product of a scalp that had previously been riddled with massive amounts of scarring from old hair plugs. You really have to see it to believe it!