Arm lift or brachioplasty is an operation that we do. In some people that just have larger upper arms, who are more often in people who have had massive weight loss. Often times these are called bat wings or flabby upper arms. We will take the excess skin off or excess fatty tissue and skin. Sometimes it involves liposuction, sometimes it involves skin excision only, sometimes it involves both.

Historically the operation was done with a scar that went right along the inside of the arm. If you raised your arm to say hi to somebody, they will see that scar. Scars in extremities often don't heal really, really nice. Some people started putting it more posteriorly. I try and put it right in here, so that when the arm is down, the scar is not visible from the back. When the arm is lifted, the scar is not visible from the front. Sometimes the scar shifts a little bit and can be visible from the back.

After six months to a year when the scar matures, it is usually not visible anyway. Sometimes we use liposuction with these operations if the arms are kind of full and we have to decrease the fullness of the arm. Sometimes it's not necessary if it is just mainly skin.

Banish Those "Bingo Arms" With an Arm Lift

Dr. Clayton Moliver shares several before and after photos of women who have undergone an arm lifts, better illustrating the results that a patient can expect.