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  • Remarkable Outcomes with Chin Implants
Dr. William Portuese: Hi, this is Dr. William Portuese in Seattle, Washington. Today we're talking about one of the more remarkable surgical outcomes we have ever accomplished in our practice. Today we're going to show a 46-year-old gentleman who underwent several procedures simultaneously. Those procedures were a rhinoplasty, a neck lift, chin implant, and upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty surgery.

This patient was concerned about diet-resistant fat in the neck and his weak chin projection and he was also concerned about the tired look on his eyelids. We performed the upper and lower eyelid surgery to remove the excess skin and fat.

On the lower neck area, there was no skin removed; however, fat above and below the platysma muscle was removed and he underwent a neck lift with a plication of the platysma muscle in the central position of the neck and the chin implant.

The chin implant gave him more chin projection which helped augment the neck lift procedure that was performed. The rhinoplasty involved shaving down the hump, straightening his nose, and narrowing the bridge line.

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Remarkable Outcomes with Chin Implants

Doctor William Portuese discusses the positive results he has had with chin implants.