The size of the clitoral hood, but then about six, seven years ago I came up with a more aggressive operation where I actually lift up the skin of the clitoral hood, I push the clitoris closer to the pubic bone. Then I can really thin out the clitoral hood, make it so that it's not bulky, make it shorter, narrower and thinner. So that then it is now completely in conjunction with a smaller labia minora.

That I developed from doing clitoris reductions because there are women that, maybe they're bodybuilders and they've taken male hormones, so their clitoris has gotten very big and they're very embarrassing sexually or uncomfortable even. And also there are women who have hormone abnormalities where their clitorises are large or they're congenitally abnormal.

So I do surgery to reduce the size of the clitoris by taking out the erection tissue and also by decreasing the size of the head of the clitoris. And if it's done correctly, there should be no loss of any sensation. I've done this about 40 times with the clitoris reductions and the women say the orgasms are essentially the same as they were before without that terrible embarrassment.

Reasons to Reduce the Size of the Clitoral Hood

Dr. Gary Alter explains his technique for reducing the size of the clitoral hood to make for a more attractive vagina and one that perhaps is no longer a physical obstacle for some women.