So, before surgery I do recommend that patients get at least two consultations. I think three is a good number.

You should always have the ability to see before and after results of your surgeon. I will say that often online there aren't the full cadre of results that the surgeon may have available to you because you need a specific consent in order to post those online. So very often there are many more pre and post-ops available in the office and I would ask your surgeon to see those things.

Having that security and knowledge that your surgeon and the patient, and you, share a common aesthetic goal is really the most important thing. That's number one. Because when you're asleep, we could talk about anything during the consult but when you're asleep you have to trust your surgeon to make decisions for you and you have to trust that you do share a common aesthetic and that you share the belief of what is a beautiful result. Number two I would say, patients really need to be wary if their surgeon seems to not have enough time for them pre-operatively. During the pre-operative consultation, you should feel like your surgeon is there and they're connecting with you and you have plenty of opportunity to ask your questions and, to be honest, even a way to contact them after work. I would say you should be wary if it seems like you can't get in touch with your surgeon pre-operatively. That's number two. And number three, you should choose a surgeon that you feel comfortable discussing the procedure with, that you feel confident and would be able to support you post-operatively should you have an issue or a complication and that you feel he's being honest with you and vice versa. You can be honest with them.

Picking a Plastic Surgeon: 3 Major Questions to Ask Yourself

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is important for both the surgical result and your own comfort. Dr. Dara Liotta reveals the three most important questions a patient should ask before committing to a doctor.