Dr. Epstein: It's Dr. Epstein. I'm with a wonderful patient for FUE. I'm gonna show you the technique we utilized. This is a hand drill. It spins quite quickly, not an oscillating but a rotating. It's got 8 or 9 millimeters. In this case, this is a 9-millimeter drill bit. You can see how we're doing this. The drill bit goes up. The drill goes on and you can see how I'm basically making these individual holes. You catching this, Susie?

Susie: Yes.

Dr. Epstein: You can see where some of the grafts I've already done and I'm just going... We're gonna show you in a minute some of the grafts that we've obtained already but we have some five-hair grafts which is just beautiful for doing in this case. Anyway these are some of the once I've drilled. I'm leaving a little space between each one. I'm gonna show your these now. Hang on, Susie, don't go too far. Let's take a look at these.

There's a perfect... Look at that graft, one, two, three, five hairs. Let's do another one, three hairs. Let's go to this one, three hairs. These are beautiful grafts. Jackie, you can go ahead and show him some of the ones that we've obtained already. Don't go too close, Susie. It doesn't focus. So you can see those nice grafts, so we got three, four and five hair grafts some two hair grafts but overall these are just wonderful and we're gonna do around 600.

You'll notice that we're doing it so that he can cut his... We don't have to buzz the whole back of his head. He's just gonna be able to cut them over. Anyway this is Dr. Epstein just showing how an FUE, a motorized FUE procedure is done. He plans to do around a 600 graft procedure. Thank you.

Performing FUE Procedure To Obtain Donor Hairs

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein demonstrates how donor hairs are harvested from the back of the head for an FUE procedure.