The hottest thing in breast implants is the Gummy Bear breast implant as far as I'm concerned. That would be the Sientra breast implants which are cohesive gel, form stable gel. I've been using them actually as silimed since 2002, and so I now have 12 years' experience, and we published three peer reviewed papers on Gummy Bears or Sientra breast implants. They clearly outperform all of the other breast implants available to women in the United States.

Well, the interesting thing about the Sientra breast implants is that they have the lowest capsular contracture rate, as you know, that's when breasts get hard. They have the lowest implant problems like rupture rates, seroma and all the complications were lowest, not just in my study, but when I did almost 800 of them, but also in the study where we had over 5,000, and we had 34 different sites, or 34 different surgeons. We published that in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The first paper, we published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. There's compelling evidence that the complication rates were lower, the patients were happier, and not only that, Sientra breast implants are only sold to board certified plastic surgeons. So if a patient has a Sientra breast implant, she knows that the surgeon that implanted it is a board certified plastic surgeon at the very top of their game.

With the Vectra system, we can do three dimensional imaging of a woman's chest, and we can accurately plan what her breast augmentation will look like after she's had surgery. We have the Sientra breast implants loaded in the Vectra system, so we can take a picture of a woman's chest and her breasts, and we can accurately predict just how her post breast augmentation will look. We can look at different types of implants, high profile, moderate profile, anatomic or tear drop shaped. So we can give a woman a sort of a look into the future without actually doing the surgery. We can also put a bathing suit on her, put a bikini top or a wife-beater top on her and the Vectra system has been very effective in accurately predicting and giving a woman an idea of how she'll look after surgery.

"Patients Are Happier" With Sientra Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Dr. Grant Stevens talks about Sientra breast implants and how more and more patients are choosing them for their surgeries.