Hi, it's Dr. Eps [SP]. I'm with a patient who actually I made our first video, she reminded me on the day we took her splint off, which was probably around three and a half months ago, because she's four months out from a rhinoplasty. Let me show you what she had before. Her main concern was just the lack of definition, slight crookedness to the tip, wide bridge, the tip was sort of boxy rather undefined. You can see the profile view. She had a bump. When she smiled her tip dropped a little bit. Anyway, she looks great. Now she has changed her hair color, so that's partly what it is, but let me show you her. This is her before, and here's her after.

You can see what we were able to do, and she's still swollen, because she's only four months out, but we've been able to give her some more definition of the tip. This is what I really like on her, her profile where she's got a nice defined super tip break. Her bridge has been taken down nicely. She's got a pretty tip, slightly rotates up just a little bit more. Now it still is a little bit swollen here, and with time it will continue to get better. Go ahead and smile for me, sweetie. Good. You see how it really doesn't drop much? So anyway, that was the results. What I was able to do was done through an external approach. Let me show one other time. Lift your chin up. You can, I don't even think you can see the incision, but it's somewhere down here, the external incision for the chimuela [SP], so it's basically undetectable. Her procedure involved basically sculpting of the tip, narrowing it, removing a little bit of cartilage, but not much so her tip remained strong, taking down the bump, resetting the bones, and that's basically it. So anyway, she's four months out. She's happy. She's shaking her head yes. And this is Dr. Eps [SP]. I just wanted to show a result.

Open Rhinoplasty Results Repairs a Bumpy, Crooked Nose

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein M.D. discusses the results of a patient 4 months out from an external rhinoplasty procedure.