Female Voice: Even though I love doing surgery, I also love doing nonsurgical treatments because it's something nice that we can do in the office that offers immediate gratification to the patient with little to no downtime, things that tend to be preventative or things that we can do to kind of temporize the aging process.

We have different types of fillers, and those are sort of divided into two different categories-fillers for fine lines and wrinkles, and also volumizers. So oftentimes, these fillers and these volumizers can be used to restore the volume in the cheek and around the eye area. And when you restore the volume to the tissue, you actually get some lifting, which corrects a lot of the hollows and the sagging skin. It's also really fun for me because I feel like when I'm doing fillers, I feel like I'm really sculpting the face, and the patient gets to see that right away.

We do lots of other nonsurgical procedures like chemical peels and laser resurfacing in the office and that helps with the texture or the outside of the skin. The fillers and the volumizers obviously help with what's on the inside. And then we also use Botox, which helps with wrinkles that are the result of facial animation.


Learn About Non-Surgical Procedures For the Face

Dr. Ashley Gordon discusses non-surgical procedures for the face.