A plastic surgeon normally operates but also on our office we do non-invasive procedures. Procedures such as Botox or dermofillers, so patients may come in thinking they look tired or need to be rejuvenated so we can do simple procedures such as Botox around the eyes or fillers in the cheeks which can quickly lift you up, make you look more awake, more revitalized and these are procedures you can do and go right back to work the next day or even the same afternoon.

As a plastic surgeon we have training in the anatomy. We've done years of training, working with patients, so we know the danger zones. We see a lot of patients that come in that have been injected in areas where they shouldn't. They have lumps and bumps, things that need to be corrected so it's better to get it done right the first time so when you come in, we'll evaluate you, see what you need to have done, and do it right the first time.

Non-Invasive Treatments and the Importance of Seeing a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David Shafer says that even though a patient is only looking for facial fillers or a smaller procedure, it is still incredibly important to employ the expertise of a board certified plastic surgeon.