PRP is extremely exciting. Part of my passion is regenerative plastic surgery, and that is using our own cells and our own tissue to regenerate or heal ourselves, and also, it's very good with anti-aging.

I use it mostly in my practice as part of fat grafting. What the PRP is they are platelets that are present in our blood. We isolate this by spinning the blood sample of the patient. We lyse, or open up these cells, and they release all the growth factors that help with the fat grafting procedures, such as in the face, in the breast, or in the buttocks.

I think this is going to be up there, along with stem cells, with fat grafting and with the regenerative surgery. Again, as we know more about how we heal ourselves, and we use our own tissue to make ourselves not only heal faster, but also in anti-aging.

So with the breast tissue, what I do with the PRP is I. . . After I do gentle liposuction, for example, in the abdomen or flank, I process that fat and I mix the platelet rich plasma to the fat before I inject it into the breasts. What this does, it gives more longevity to the fat grafting so that the fat cells don't die. It's like fertilizer for the fat cells.


Use Your Own Cells and Tissue to Turn Back the Clock With This New Anti-Aging Treatment

Dr. Melinda Lacerna introduces a new treatment using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) coupled with fat grafting to turn back the hands of time.