Matthew Schulman: A neck lift is commonly performed with a facelift
because as we age, we don't just age here. We age here as well. So some
of my philosophies in terms of cosmetic surgery is that I think
everything has to match. No matter how well a facelift is done, if your
face looks 40 and your neck looks 70, you're not going to look good. So
I think things need to be done together and they need to match. So
people who come to me requesting a facelift often need a neck lift as
well. The neck lift is done the same way with pulling of the skin and
the underlying muscles so that it smoothes out the neckline, sharpens
the jaw line, removes any skin or fat that is hanging here. It is not
uncommon for me to perform liposuction as well of the chin and the neck
area in order to make the results look better. But a face and a neck
lift is commonly performed together. If you happen to come in and your
neck really is the only problem and you don't need a facelift, then a
neck lift can be performed on its own as well. The scar is similar
around the front of the ear and up the back of the ear in a hidden area.

The recovery surprises people because there is very, very little pain
with a facelift and a neck lift. In fact, my biggest problem as a
surgeon is getting my patients to take it easy after the surgery because
they are expecting to go home and be laid up in bed for a week and the
truth is that they feel pretty good the next day with very little pain,
usually no pain, and they tend to go about their normal activities and
that can cause some problems in terms of increased swelling and risk of
bleed. I tell people that they need to take it easy, but they are very
surprised when they don't have as much pain as they're expecting

Neck Lift

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses Neck Lift procedures.