Dr. Neil Sadick: Hair loss is a major part of my practice. So many men and women, again, suffer from hair loss. So we've actually been able to identify some new research showing that inflammation plays a major role in hair loss, particularly in women. And we published studies in drug and dermatology from our research at Cornell Medical Center, showing that many women and many men also suffer from an inflammatory cause of hair loss.

So our approach has been anti-inflammatory in nature. That is, we use a combination of low-energy red light lasers and LEDs, in conjunction with taking your own blood called platelet-rich plasma or PRP, and isolating growth factors reinjecting them directly into the scalp to stimulate new hair growth. That's been one of the major advances in medical treatments of hair loss that our clinical and our research group have pioneered. We also have been involved in the evolution of hair transplantation.

We can now provide full heads of natural hair in both men and women as well, using what's called follicular unit extraction and follicular unit strip grafting techniques, where we actually take out natural embryologic units of hair, dissect them under the microscope and reimplant them, so that you can really produce very, very natural full heads of hair in both men and women.

After that surgery, the hair usually begins to grow within three to six months. And within a year, again you have a normal full head of growing hair that lasts a lifetime. And with these new natural embryologic, again removal of natural hair groupings, it's totally natural; you cannot tell that someone has had a hair transplantation procedure in 2014.

Really, anyone is a great candidate now. We can take individuals, men and women that have just some early hair loss, for example men in the crown or the frontal area; most women have diffused hair loss. So whether it's in the early phases where they've lost some cosmetic hair loss, or it the more advanced case of hair loss where they're almost completely bald, we really in almost every individual, can reimplant a full head of naturally growing hair.

Natural Results with Hair Restoration

Dr. Neil S. Sadick explains how new techniques and procedures are revolutionizing hair restoration and achieving natural results.