Think of facial plastic surgery as a whole, meaning all the different procedures. I think that the trends that I've noticed over the last 20 years to continuously be more natural results, less of a stylized overly done aesthetic. I think there are parts of the world such as South America where it's still in vogue to look like you've had plastic surgery. That's a social status symbol there but it is not the same in this country and certainly not amongst the people I work with. Particularly people in the film and entertainment industry who make up a good portion of my clientele, they don't want to look drastically different. Many of them are trying to maintain things rather than change things drastically. But I think as a facial plastic surgeon you always fall into this difficult space between changing someone and yet not changing them. For instance, women will come in and say, well, I think my eyebrows are a little low and my nose is drooping a little, and I don't like this stuff on my neck, and my cheeks are jowling, and I just want it all fixed but I don't want to look any different. And so, and that's a very common thing I hear in consultation. And it is difficult to rearrange someone's entire face and yet not have them look any different, because it really is of course the goal to have them look different. People want to look better, they want to put forth the best version of themself and they don't want to look different. That trend has become more prominent over the years rather than less so. And I think the boon in all these minimally invasive things that we can offer can explain that or is explained by that. The fact that Botox and fillers and non-invasive laser and radio frequency skin tightening and various things like that have taken off, is because people are more into maintenance than they are to grandiose changes. In fact people with respect to face lifting will come in earlier so that the change that's imparted by the surgery is less dramatic. So they can get away with it more so than if they wait until they're hanging to the ground like a hound dog and then you change them and then they looks drastically different, and then their friends might say, HM, I thought you didn't feel well the last couple of weeks, or something like that.

The Hottest Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Andrew Frankel discusses what he believes to be the hottest trends in facial plastic surgery.