I recommend a couple of options. One would be an implant-free option using fat grafting, which is an exciting new technique where it's kind of a two for one. You can remove fats from somewhere else and then put it in the breast. It has to be done very safely, so that we don't cause problems. The other option is an anatomically shaped implant, which is very exciting and new in the last few years. My patients have been really happy with the look of this. They can get fullness, fill out their clothes, get the shape and size and volume that they want, but when they put their sports bra on and go to yoga class, they don't look fake and overdone that no one can tell that they've had implants, which I think a lot of my patients like. They wanna look their best but not scream that they've had plastic surgery.

Natural Breasts: Fat Grafting and Anatomical Implants

For many women, the balloon breasts are out and the natural look is in, but what options are available today to achieve that more natural look? Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler explains.