Breast implant revision procedures largely depend on the length of time that the breast implant has been in place, what kind of implant, what position of the implant, and what current concerns a patient has with their breast implants. It's frequently helpful to see a plastic surgeon who has both an aesthetic arm of their practice as well as a reconstructive side because that surgeon can offer a full palette of options for providing the best possible results for each individual patient. Each patient has a specific issue and that specific issue needs a specific answer.

Most patients will require some sort of future breast implant revision surgery after an initial procedure. It depends on patient to patient specific factors, length of time, but generally most patients after some period of time will require some sort of touch-up procedure.

"My Breasts Still Aren't Perfect:" What You Need to Know About Revision Surgery

No one wants to think about having to re-do their breast surgery but the reality is that you may just not be happy with the results. Dr. David Yao discusses revision surgery and what you should know going into it.