There have been a lot of advancements in breast augmentation in the past few years. We have more options today than we've ever had before. We can augment the breast by using one's own fat. We also have the option of using different types of implants, saline or silicone. Within silicone we have the smooth, round gels. We also have textured implants and some implants which are form stable, otherwise known as the gummy bear or shaped implants.

And so by doing precise measurements and communicating with the patient about what her goals are, we're able to go ahead and do precise planning and selecting the best technique and treatments that can help the patient achieve the results that she wants.

New Advancements in Breast Augmentation: There More Options Than Ever Before

From multiple types of implants to options like fat grafting, Dr. Adam Schaffner explains some of the newest advancements in breast augmentation surgery.