"Moms just want their bodies back." The beauty of the mommy makeover.

Mommy makeovers are just a wonderful part of my practice because women come to me after they've had children and they just want their bodies back. So, we go through a process depending how they are when they come through the door. So, if they have a great lifestyle, great diet, exercise plan, they're at a weight that they're happy with, then we start the process which usually includes breast and tummy work. Breast work, augmentation sometimes, because of the loss of breast tissue from nursing, or breast lift maybe because their breasts are a little ptotic, you know, a little droopy. And then tummies, I usually have them restrengthen their core muscles so that they don't really need muscle repair. So, we call it a skin only abdominoplasty.

A good lifestyle is important when beginning the mommy makeover journey.

Pretty much everyone that ends up in my office is pretty depressed after they have kids because the breasts that they used to have after nursing is deflated. So, they feel like they have empty bags, and their tummy that used to be tight, has extra skin at the very least and sometimes lacks muscles. So, probably the most exciting person who walks in the office is someone that's getting post-pregnancy, you know, journey to getting their body back, so we work together on that.

So, before we do any surgery, we assure that she has a really good lifestyle which is just exercise everyday, you know, 15-20 minutes doing core work, eating 5 small meals a day, you know, without a lot of extra sugar carbs, you know, none if possible and then just getting ready for whatever procedure that they end up needing when they get their body back. So they're really going into surgery just to fix something that really isn't changeable with diet and exercise.

Exercise could be the end-all for a lot of women, nixing plastic surgery completely.

In my part of the country, Chicago, no one's really interested in a Brazilian butt. We really just get people that are interested in having normal contour in their rear end. So, it's really all about which exercise to do. So, like the stair master, it's a terrible equipment to use if you want to have a nice round and lifted rear end. You really have to concentrate on your gluteus and your hamstring connection.

So, those are very specific exercises and I can refer you to different... to strengthen that particular part of your bottom. You do the right exercise, you typically don't need anything. Sometimes people gain a lot of weight; they had triplets or they had twins and so a body lift which would mean tummy work and the back half work so we'll take that extra skin and a little fat and create a little buttock flap so you'll get autologous so your own tissue buttock augmentation. But that's again after exercise.

"Moms Just Want Their Bodies Back:" The Beauty of the Mommy Makeover

Dr. Laurie Casas explains how a Mommy Makeover can give moms their bodies back and restore the confidence they once had.