The Mommy Makeover is a relatively vigorous procedure if everything is required. Breast uplift, breast implant, tummy tuck, some liposuction possibly in various areas. These can be anything from four to five hours up to eight or nine hours. Generally amazingly enough, we are able to do these and send people home and they do just fine. Occasionally, we will have somebody stay overnight in the hospital but not really very common. They may go home after their eight or nine hour procedure. We have them walking that evening. I usually have them walk around the bed four or five times at night. We never use a urinary catheter because we want them to get up and go to the restroom. The next day they begin their program of walking to help and it's walk, walk, walk a little more each day and by two weeks they are walking quite a bit. They can walk a couple of miles everyday. After two weeks they can do what they want. I am very aggressive in getting people moving quick.

Mommy Makeover Patients Encouraged to "Walk to Health"

Dr. George Commons explains his philosophy of getting patients up and moving almost immediately after surgery on a program he calls "Walk to Health."