There's always a risk of surgery. And the longer the surgery, there's always a little bit of risk. But there's a greater risk of doing two operations than there is of one operation that may be a little bit longer. So if we can do the surgery quickly and without compromising any of the aesthetic results, we'll do that as long as we can do that surgery in a shorter period of time.

You know, as we get better in our practices as plastic surgeons, we had more years of experience, obviously we can do things better and faster. So as one has a little bit more experience, you could do more surgeries at one time. But that's very common. Mommy makeovers are very common. Sometimes nose, you know, breast surgery and noses are quite common.

What I don't like to combine usually is any kind of facial rejuvenation with any other surgery below the neck. That I prefer not to because they are different kinds of surgeries. Like facelift surgeries is a surgery where you want the patient very calm after surgery, no blood pressure going on, really no pain. But if you're doing a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck, there is some pain associated with that. So you really don't want to compromise one procedure with the other. So those types of combos, I think, we shouldn't do together.

Mommy Makeover and Other Combination Procedures

Dr. Ary Krau says he is in favor of such combination surgeries as the Mommy Makeover but advises against combos of any facial work with other procedures below the neck.