The best candidates are those women that want to have larger breasts. So they range all the way from the age of 18 into their 50s, 60s or even past that. There clearly are some contraindications, and that's mostly due to medical conditions, but as far as one patient being a better candidate- It's really everyone--that's a personal decision.

Assessing is really important because it had always been a weakness in the doctor and patient consultation. It wasn't easy to do. In the past, we used to use photographs. Some patients described what they wanted, I want a full C. But you know, everything is in the way you interpret it. So what I thought was perhaps a full C may not have been what that patient said was a full C. So we've gotten better. It's still not a perfect system. But what we use in the office right now are these external sizers, made Mentor, and I think they're great. So we have the patients get sized before and during the consultation. And they're not committed to that size that day. We do it over and over again, however many times until they feel comfortable. And that's pretty good because they'll pick a size that they're comfortable in. They can touch. I personally think it's better than the 3D technique that some cameras we use. We've had that. I don't think that that was as accurate. So I like the external sizes the patients use. They look at it, they can feel, they can turn around in it. They can wear different clothes over it, so that helps. And then I kind of take a mental picture of that and I try to recreate that in the operating room.

Breast Augmentation is a Purely Personal Decision

Dr. Ary Krau explains that while there are technically good candidates for breast augmentation surgery, the woman really just needs to be ready for this life change. That is the woman who is ready for augmentation.