Fortunately, there's several different non-surgical options for treating fat. and one that we've been having great success with is called Vanquish which uses radio frequency to painlessly shrink and kill fat cells. It's especially good for treating the abdomen, flanks. We have been using that technology for about a year now. And it's a series of painless treatments that really can help make a difference for patients and help with body contouring non-surgically.

With Vanquish, the fat cells that are killed are killed and they are gone. They're history. so from that perspective, those cells are permanently destroyed. Patients, of course, need to maintain their weight. If people gain weight, that's counterproductive. But the cells that are killed are not coming back.

Treatment protocol with Vanquish is evolving over time. Presently, we're usually doing four to six 30-minute treatments. But treatment sessions may well become longer and patients may not need as many sessions.

What Are Some Non-surgical Options to Remove Fat?

Doctor Margaret Weiss discusses using Vanquish as a non-surgical options to remove fat and tells you what to expect when having the treatment.