Dr. Margaret Weiss: With radio frequency and ultrasound, I mean it's two different kinds of energy and while generally speaking, the ultrasound can go deeper and have a deeper effect. Depending on how the radio frequency is delivered, that can go pretty deep too. So the nice thing with the all therapy of being able to see where the ultrasound is affecting and know how many millimeters you should go in deep.That is, you know, certainly an advantage. But with the experienced providers, both treatments can be very effective. One thing we point out to patients is that the All Therapy is typically a one-time treatment.

Although some people's next, we recommend a second treatment six to nine months later. With the Exilis device, it's a series of treatments generally three to four, but one treatment is painless and the other treatment, the All Therapy is not painless. So some patients prefer to have a gentler, more gradual approach. The All Therapy gets things done you know, faster but there's discomfort with it. So this way, we're able to offer patients a choice and that's a big advantage.

What's the Difference Between Radio Frequency and Ultrasound to Tighten Skin?

Dr. Margaret Weiss discusses the differences between radio frequency devices and ultrasound treatments when tightening skin.