The right candidates for pectoral implants would be commonly guys who've been at the gym. They are conscious about their body. They have a good diet. They exercise but they fail to get the volume they are looking for. Patients who have realistic expectations, patients who will also continue with regular activity routines at the gym post surgery. We use the similar implants as I use with the Botox in the calves. For example there is silicone soft but solid implants that we put in through an under arm incision and fairly simple 90-minute procedure under general anesthesia.

Pec Implants Can Bulk You Up When the Weight Room Isn't Cutting It

Some men, regardless of their time logged at the gym, simply can't grow their chest and get the Dwayne Johnson pecs of their dreams. Dr. Marc DuPere explains that for these men, pectoral implants could be a viable option.