Men, you're typically looking at the abdominal or the trunk area, so the flanks or the abdomen in the front and the chest, and those are really the most common areas in men. You've got to make sure that the fat isn't on the inside. So intra abdominal fat isn't doing any good to do liposuction on the outside so you get guys who have more of a beer gut. A lot of times they're not a great candidate for liposuction, and that's something that I can tell you or any plastic surgeon during your consultation can let you know.

Otherwise the areas are pretty much the same as far as the recovery and things like that. For the chest, you have to look specifically at how much gland is involved. So men have the breast gland as well. Some people have more than others, and it really just depends on how much gland you have. We've got to make sure that we're really treating that effectively and breaking it up and making sure that we're getting it out of the chest so that we can have a nice even contour.

And a big part of that is, again, applying that same liposuction technique in the chest before we can do the fat equalization to move that fat around in order to get a nice even result without having areas that are dimpling or divoting.

Men Want to Look Good, Too! These Are the Most Common Surgeries Men Are Requesting

Dr. Mahlon Kerr explains the biggest problem areas of men and how they are addressed.