From a Smart Lipo and this is what you look like at about one week. Normal
amounts of bruising, a little bit of extra swelling here that we're going
to address, but the main topic of the video today is how to massage after
liposuction. So there's two kind of massages that I want my patients to do.

Number one, I want to keep the skin moving against the underlining muscles
because normal skin has a little bit of laxity in it and that's good. You
don't want it super super rigid, you want I to move up a few centimeters.
During the healing period any areas that are feeling super tight, I want
the patient to do a circular massages, just like that. Right here where
it's feeling tight and to prevent future tightness we're going to do
circular massages and keep the skin, each little area of skin moving
against the extra muscles so it doesn't heal in one place and so that it
mimic's skin that's never been touched by surgery.

So that's one type of massage, and I tell my patients to spend five minutes
per day on the message itself. Anything other than that is excessive. Just
five minutes per day.

The other kind of massage is for big bruised areas so you may feel slumps.
I feel a lump here right next to the bruise, go ahead and feel it. Do you
feel that? You have bruising here, you can't see it very much. The bruising
is melted fat mixed with blood in the forms of little hardened balls that
need to be absorbed by your body and that kind of massage is more kneading.
You really want to, like knead almost like face shaped kneading.

What you're doing to breaking up that section of collection into smaller
particles so your body can absorb it. Think of a cube of sugar in water.
You're body absorbs things, if you just put a cube it's going o take a long
time to absorb, if you take that cube and crush it, and it's going to be
really absorbed a lot faster.

So those are the two types of massages that I want my patients to do after
liposuction. Spend about five minutes per day for the next few weeks.

How to Massage After Liposuction to Prevent Tightness and Aid Healing

Dr. Marwin Khalifeh introduces us to two types of gentle massaging techniques they can do at home to promote a more comfortable healing process following liposuction.