Dr. Epstein: Hi, I'm Dr. Epstein. I'm with the patient who is five weeks status post rhinoplasty. Didn't have such a bad nose, but a lot of little things that were bothering him in particular. Here is his before view. As you can see, he had a quite significant crookedness to the nose, ptotic tip. In other words, his columella was hanging down. You see how even when he wasn't smiling, it drooped down. A lot of columella show. This area here, when he smiled, do you see how much it drooped and sort of got pulled back? And he was particularly concerned... He's very active physically. He had a significant septal deviation over to this left side, what we call caudal, C-A-U-D-A-L, septal deviation, and a near collapse. Well, here he is, five weeks post op. He's happy.

Male: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

Dr. Epstein: You can see the difference now. You see how there, the tip was crooked, he had flaring nostrils, the columella hung down. You can see from the bottom view how nicely the septum... This is before. And then after a septum is nice and straight. This is that external incision that everyone worries about. Basically at five weeks, it's virtually undetectable. Chin down. Let me show you the profile. You can see that the biggest difference is they gave a shortened here and a slight elevation here. And when he smiles, give me a big smile. Bigger smile, man. There you go. Sip doesn't droop anymore. He doesn't have that bump. So, overall, he's doing really well. He was able to reset the bones. You can see how, you can sort of... I don't know if you can appreciate, but the bones were out here, they are now in here. It's still a little bit swollen in here. Tip is a little hard, but that'll all drop. You're happy?

Male: I'm super happy. Super happy. You did a great job.

Male Rhinoplasty Correcting Minor But Bothersom Details

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains how even the most minor changes can make all the difference. The patient presented with a decent nose, although he was bothered by a slightly hanging columella, minor crookedness, and a partially collapsed nostril.