Patient has allowed me just to show what a hair transplant looks like. It's four months and less than two weeks. He had over 2500 grafts placed right in this frontal region. He's just starting to grow out. He started growing around a month ago. You can see what he had pre-operatively. You can show that Cindy. Basically, he had a pretty advanced degree of hair loss and now we're gonna take a look at just his hairline and you can see how nicely... this is the very early growth. You can see these hairs growing in. These are his original hairs but all of these are the transplants. So a lot of times patients asks me what is it look like at four months and this is essentially a very nice example of what a patient should look like.

Male Hair Transplant at 4 Months of Growth

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein explains, with the help of a patient, what 4 months of hair growth should look like following a hair transplant.