Dr. Epstein: Hi. It's Dr. Epstein. I'm with a patient who just had a second procedure, small one, around 900 grafts. The first one was, how many?

Male: It started at 22 and it went up to 25.

Dr. Epstein: Okay, 22 to about 2500 grafts. You can see his before photos. Really quite thin, this were all baby fine what we call the vellus hairs which means they're on their way out. So he probably has lost just about all those, anyway. So what we do is we transplanted them and what we did, that was around a little over a year ago. And what we did this time was we did a little bit of filling in, around 900 grafts. Let's take a look at him. And here, you can see how nice he looks. You can see post-op dig one, this was a strip procedure. You can see how nicely those grafts are healing in already. He's got a little bit of redness, he had his hair washed. We basically filled in this whole area. You can see just a nice close-up both of how nice that looks. And also, for as far as the donor area goes, put your head down. There we go, just he's healing up nicely, stitches are back there. We now use Exparel which is a long-acting anesthetic that last for at least eight to 10 hours. So it's nice when patients have strip and if desired, after an FUE procedure, we provide his anesthesia for basically long nights. When they wake up in the morning, that's when usually most of the tenderness has gone anyway. So that's one of the nice things.

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Male Hair Graft: Second Strip Graft

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein introduces a male patient who has just undergone his second hair transplant procedure. The first was around 2,200 grafts and this second procedure was smaller at only 900.