Not only women are coming into see me for plastic surgery procedures.
It's actually increasing in popularity among men. Statistically, about
20% of plastic surgical patients are men. And I see about that number
in my practice maybe a little bit more. What I have noticed that over
the past couple of years, the number of men coming to me for plastic
surgery or cosmetic surgery procedures has really been increasing. I
think one of the reasons is probably a tightening up in the workforce.
So you know, the older man who is trying to compete with younger men in
the workforce for, you know, with a very competitive job situation.
That may be a reason why I am seeing a lot more men come to see me. But
the plastic surgery procedures for men are really the same as they are
for women. You just have to keep certain things in mind. When I do a
procedure on a man, obviously, I don't want to eliminate those masculine
qualities that we all want. So when I do a face and a neck lift on a
man, I make sure not to distort some of those masculine features.

Men like to keep a little bit of signs of aging. They don't want. .
.You know, a 60-year old man doesn't want to look like he is 20. So
those are things to keep in mind. Men commonly come in for liposuction.
Again, as we age, our metabolism changes so it's very common for men to
come in and complain of areas like their flanks, their lower back.
Those are the two most common areas for liposuctions. Also, the chin
and the neck is very commonly area that I perform liposuction on. Men
get tummy tucks especially after changes in weight. And there also are
some procedures that are unique to men specifically a male chest
reduction. A male chest reduction does just what it says. It reduces
the size of a man's chest. Male chests can grow for a variety of
reasons. The condition of a large male chest is called gynecomastia and
it can result from hormone changes, prescription medications that people
are on. Recreational drugs can cause enlargement in the male chest, but
most commonly, it just happens and there's no reason for it.

There is no cause for it but the treatment remains the same. Reduce the
size of the man's chest. This can be done through liposuction. Very
small cannulas can be placed through really small incisions and I can
suction out the excess breast tissue and the excess fat that has
deposited in a man's chest. Sometimes, in more severe cases, a small
incision needs to be made around the areola to directly remove the
breast tissue. Again, it's going to depend on the extent of your male
chest problem. And after, you know, careful evaluation by your plastic
surgeon and discussion, the technique for repair of that will vary. But
regardless of how minor your problem is or how severe it is, we have a
solution for it.

Male Chest Reduction and Gynecomastia

Doctor Matthew Schulman discusses Male Breast Reduction surgery, also known as Gynecomastia.