There are a lot of highly fit men that have unwanted breast tissue and a shape that gets in the way of them wearing some of the shirts or taking their shirt off in the summertime. The medical term for that is called Gynecomastia.

There's a whole range of presentations for that. The typical patient I would see would have just a small amount of extra breast tissue that may be related to some of their past efforts with taking supplements to improve their bodies that have caused unwanted growth of the breast tissue or it's just hereditary. That can be solved now surgically in relatively easy procedures, often using something as simple as smart liposuction.

Smart liposuction uses a laser to melt the fat whether it's in the breast or in the hips or the flanks, and permanently create a nice improvement.

Male Breast Reduction

Doctor Mathew C. Mosher discusses gynecomastia and how he treats the male breast using SmartLipo.