So, we have a beautiful young lady here who wants to get fuller lips. She's had injections before in the past, but never by me. Now she's come in here, we're going to do a little lip injection for her. If you actually look at the lips, you can see that she has a nice shape to herself. Laterally though, when you go on the outside, you don't see much of the red lip. There's a difference between white lip, red lip, the cupid's bow, and philtral ridges, and there's different zones to the lip. The bottom lip looks nice, the top lip in her is a little bit narrower, or thinner, than the bottom lip. Classically, you do want the top to be a little bit narrower, but more young women like them to be the same fullness, or even a little bit fuller up top, as long as you don't look ducky, we don't want that.

The issue becomes when you have longer white lip and less of a roll right there. When you have enough of a roll, it's very nice to inject this area, and you get a really nice result. When there isn't much of a lip shoal, or this red lip out here, injecting too much out here can actually make it look very fake and ducky. We're not going to do that.

To get that to roll up a little bit, you have to inject the vermillion border as well as the meat of the lip, or the red lip itself. There's going to be limitations to what can be done. You can't make everybody's lips look exactly like Angelina Jolie's, but most people don't want those anyway, they just want nicer, fuller lips for their faces, just don't make them looks ducky, don't make them look fake, and you can get nice results. Initially, there is some swelling. There could be some bruising. Three of four days later, it settles down. You could wear lipstick or makeup and cover it up. It's a procedure you do about twice a year.

We're going to demonstrate it. What I like to do is, I like to grab the lip, roll it up a little bit, gentle, and I like to look at the injection entry point, right here. I ask the patient, everybody's usually nervous, I'm going to enter right now, I ask them not to startle. The first injection is kind of where they feel the most. Now, once I'm in, it's just a very, very gentle, slow progression. You don't want to be fast. We're going to let the lidocaine start working, start numbing up the lip ahead of yourself. Look at my speed, it's very slow. If I want to see what it's doing, I release my finger occasionally to be able to see the effect of it. As you get closer to the central part of the lip, there's more nerve fibers there, she may feel a little bit more there. I'm going to slow down, lift my finger up, see how it's doing, see what effect I'm getting, and my right thumb, or the injection finger, is a smooth control, I don't have to keep looking at it. I know exactly what it's doing. You can start seeing how the right upper lip is starting to look nicer than the left upper lip.

Surgeon or injector, it's going to be a slightly different technique. I like to spread the lips with my fingers, enter again, and then just slow down. Once you enter, going in the right direction, go in slow. My hand that's injecting is just as important as my hand that's not injecting, because the non-injecting hand or finger is helping guide. You can see where the needle is, you can see where the tip is. I'm filling it. Again, her central lip was fuller than the lateral lip, so I'm going to do less centrally on her initially. I don't want it to be a shelf, I don't want it to be ducky. We'll come a little bit more laterally here, see how she does. Take a look, there's a little bit more needed here. I'm not going to pull out. If we go back here, I can feel where the tip of the needle is, right in the zone that I need to inject,right there. We'll deposit a little bit more, and we're going to have to massage it in a couple of seconds, but this gets me as much as I need without too many entry and exit wounds.

Now, I take the lips and I massage them. This does two things, it smooths it out, making sure that there's no lumps or bumps anywhere, it distributes the filler precisely and smoothly in the right plane, which is above the muscle and below the mucosa. With my finger I can actually feel and see how much filler I have on each side. I know exactly what my injecting thumb is doing, I don't have to keep looking at the plunger and see how much I have injected, it just comes with years of experience. Pulling back, and then the same thing, massage.

Once I massage, I'm going to switch to a short needle and do a little fine tuning. You never start out symmetric, but we can get them more symmetric. You can see that I can add a little bit right here. Again, I'm very very superficial, I don't want to create too much bleeding and bruising since we haven't had it so far.


Lip Injections Can Be Customized for the Desired Look

Dr. Shervin Naderi explains that every consumer is different when it comes to their facial features, so a personalized lip injection technique can leave them feeling more confident in their own skin.