Oftentimes when women have breast sagginess after breastfeeding and so forth, they come in and they ask us for a breast lift and many times they've lost breast volume, so we'll do a concomitant or simultaneous breast lift along with a breast augmentation. That's sometimes called a mastopexy augmentation which simply means a breast lift with enhancement or enlargement.

I published a number of studies on this. We just published a study this month on 1128 consecutive mastopexy augmentations in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and we found that it's safe, it's effective, patients are very happy with simultaneous mastopexy augmentation or lift and augmentation with gummy bear breast implants.

We found that the implants with a lift have the same recovery as straight implants. In other words, by adding the lift we don't add any time to the recovery whatsoever, so it's a week or less.

Lifting the Breast and Adding Implants Makes Patients Very Happy

A breast lift that also adds implants is a combo procedure that, according to Dr. Grant Stevens, requires no additional downtime and recovery and makes his patients very happy.