Hi, this is Dr. Portuese in Seattle, and today we're talking about the brow lift procedure.

A brow lift is performed when patients have a low eyebrow position or a rather stern and tired look. The brow lift procedure not only accomplishments lifting the eyebrows, but can also adjust a high hairline downward or lift up a low hairline.

The vertical and horizontal forehead frown lines can also be improved by softening the corrugator and frontalis muscles at the very same time. The brow lift procedure can be performed endoscopically or through a coronal approach.

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Lifting a Brow Can Relieve That "Always Mad" Look

Dr. William Portuese discusses the benefits of a brow lift and how this procedure can be performed to lift drooping skin off of the eyes, relieve skin folds between the eyes, and even slightly lower a high hairline.