I always encourage patients to take one of the sample implants that we have in the office and put it in their bra and feel the weight, because when you're adding volume, you're also adding weight. You really want to put that into your bra, walk around the office a little bit and imagine having that in there. You don't want to put these huge implants in there because you're going to walk around with that the rest of your life. We have patients come in that naturally have large breasts, and they come in for breast reduction. So you don't want to end up putting large implants in and coming three months later wanting them switched to smaller implants.
With the newer implants now though, we do have patients that years ago did have large implants placed in, and they're coming in now and they're having smaller, more natural implants placed. So that's a great advantage now of the anatomic implants.

My recommendation would be to see you in person in the office. In our office, we have the Vectra 3D scanning machine, so with that machine, we take a picture of you and it shows you a three dimensional picture of you on the screen in the office. We're able to show you what you look like with different size implants in the office. It might sound good to have DD implants, but when you see the picture of you with those implants on the screen, you may say, "Hold on, that's not what I was imagining."
Another thing is a certain size implant in one patient might not look the same as another patient. So sometimes patients come in and say "My friend got 400cc implants. I want 400cc implants." But the frame of your body might be completely different from the frame of your friend's body. We need to make sure that we're customizing the size of implant for you and not just trying to match you to some picture you found on the internet, or the size of an implant of your friend, or whatever that they may have had.

It all really depends on your skin and your tissue, and that's why the physical exam is very important. In most cases, going from a very small breast to a very large breast is not possible, but we'll talk about that during the consultation and work out what the best option is for you. Safety is the most important factor when we're doing surgery for you, so we'll talk about what the most safe options are for you and then proceed from there.

Large Breasts Are No Longer the Trend, For Comfort Reasons

Large breasts are quickly waning in popularity but there are a few women who come in asking for a major enhancement, Dr. David Shafer says. Here, he discusses the difficulty of a large breast augmentation and what he recommends in terms of size.