This is the Keller Funnel, and the Keller Funnel is a device that was actually designed and created by Dr. Kevin Keller, a plastic surgeon in South Carolina. In around 2010, I was asked to help to bring it into Canada and investigate the use of the funnel with certain types of implants that we use a lot of in Canada, and I was the first to use this device in our country.

It's a very interesting product. It's essentially a funnel that has a lubricating surface, and you soak the funnel in a saline solution to activate that lubricating surface. We're then able to place an implant into it and the benefits of using this funnel for inserting the implants is it allows you to place the implant with what's called a no-touch technique where we put the implant in and we're able to place the implant right into the funnel. We haven't touched it at all. We're then able to place this funnel tip into our incision, so that the implant can then be inserted without ever touching the skin and without making contact with any of the surrounding area.

Now, what's the potential benefit of that? Probably a lower incidence of infection, less trauma to the implant upon insertion, and the ability to put the implant into a slightly smaller incision than you might be able to without the funnel.

What Is the Keller Funnel Technique Used in Breast Implant Procedures?

Dr. Mitchell Brown introduces and demonstrates the Keller Funnel technique used in breast implant procedures.