So we've been fortunate in Canada that injectable fillers like hyaluronic acids, they tend to come out a lot faster in Canada. They come out a year or two, sometimes two years in advance. Here in the United States, we've just received Voluma. It's kind of the talk of the town with high volume restoration, cheek bone area, deep filling. In Canada this past year, we received Volbella. It's a new product made by Juvederm. It's a new product that's specifically indicated for lips. So an area where fillers... We were using things in multiple different areas. This is a new product that's specifically targeted for that very sensitive area to create a natural result.

What do we want in lips? In lips, we don't want a swollen, bee-stung, raised, disproportionate lip. We want a soft lip. We want a plump lip and a nicely shaped lip. That's what Volbella's giving us the option to do. When you go to somebody who is experience, who can give you that natural result, that product allows to give a very soft fill where it's not lumpy, it's not bumpy, and it's not over corrected.

Volbella is different than a couple of different things. One, one of the problems with fillers around the lip area is that they tend to go away quite quickly. They dissolve a lot faster because we're talking, we're eating, we're speaking, so that filler dissolves a little bit more rapidly. Volbella lasts longer. It's shown to last at least up to a year in very many cases. Length of action is better and it's a more fluid, softer, smoother type of a product which we can mold much easier, so it has a much more natural feel and more natural appearance. Lips are an area we don't need to put a lot of filler in. We don't need to put a lot volume in. A little goes a long way. It's something you can do very, very quickly, have done at the office, and go back.

Introducing the New "It" Filler in Canada: Juvederm Volbella

Dr. Jamil Asaria reveals that Juvederm Volbella has just been released in Canada and he explains this new filler and how it is being used.