Hi, this is Dr. Bill Adams from the Adams Center at Newbury Street in Boston. I'm sitting in my operating facility and I just wanted to talk a little bit about the accreditation process. It's very important for any office operating facility to be certified by an independent agency to make sure that it meets the standards that are acceptable for quality surgical care. We have a certificate that is from the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. This certificate is awarded after we go through a visit by an inspector and a checklist is made to make sure we have all the adequate equipment and supplies to safely take care of patients. The quality of the staff is also important, and all of our staff are certified in their own specialty. That allows us to deliver the highest quality care.

Safety is always number one in any surgery, and particularly for surgery for appearance is important as the quality of the surgery and the anesthesia ends up yielding the best results. This is an important issue. At any place you have surgery, you should check to make sure the accreditation is up to date. Dr. Bill Adams from the Adams Center at Newbury Street in Boston.

How Can You Tell If an Operating Facility Is Safe? Here's What to Look For

Dr. William Adams discusses why it's so important for a surgical facility to be accredited and how a patient can tell.