Dr. Adams: Hi, this is Dr. Bill Adams from the Adams Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Today we're here to talk with a patient who is one day after having surgical facial rejuvenation. We're going to review what her concerns were, the approach, and then have her make a few comments about the process and how she feels today. Carol is a woman who's in her 50s who came in and her concerns were the position of her brow, the area down around the corner of her mouth, the neck, and then changes of her face, neck, and chest from...over time with pigmentation, fine lines, and some laxity. So, in individualizing her treatment, we talked about repositioning the brow with an incision back here behind the hairline, repositioning the jowl of the neck area with an incision around the ear, inside the ear, and around the earlobe.

You can see the blue marks are still here from the surgery, that outlined area of underlining areas of concern. And then some fat was taken from her upper abdomen and injected into her lips and down here in the area because we know that people lose fat volume in this part of the face. So over time, so rejuvenating is a very important factor. And then the last thing is, we did a Total FX laser, which is afractional, which means it's treated in little dots laser, and it has two components, the deep component to tighten the skin, treat pores and fine lines, and then an active component that is fractional, again, but it's sublative. And that means it takes off the top layer of the skin to treat brown spots, red spots, give some tightening, as well as define lines. And you can see that she has changes on the skin from the laser all the way down on the chest. She still has some swelling. Her swelling is not significant for being only one day after the surgery. But this is kind of typical of the procedures that she had in one day in recovery. Carol, would you like to talk about how you felt about this in the process?

Carol: Sure. I'm 58 years old and had been considering a face lift and some other surgical procedures for the last several years. I've been getting injections for many years now. And although the injections were great, and I'm talking about Botox and Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra, I noticed that there were just changes in my...particularly my neck and jaw line and my eyes that just wouldn't necessarily go away or wouldn't get as defined as I had hoped. So when I spoke with Dr. Adams about what else could be done and he suggested using, you know, doing a face lift and then brow lift and also the injections in my lips, I thought it was probably a good time to go ahead and do this. I'm just amazed how well I feel one day post op.

Dr. Adam: I think it's great that Carol is willing to talk about this. It is helpful for you see what someone would look like immediately after the surgery. It's very important that when you see your plastic surgeon that you cover what your concerns are, your goals, and then design a treatment that's specific for you. And the multiple modality treatment is frequently very beneficial because it's treating the changes of the face with aging from different levels and different viewpoints. This is Dr. Bill Adams from the Adams Center in Boston interviewing a patient immediately after facial rejuvenation. And we will be following Carol in the future, showing her progress and the future changes that happen. Thank you very much.

This Facelift Patient Is 1 Day Post-Op and Looks Great!

Dr. William Adamsinterviews his patient one day after surgical facial rejuvenation with face lift, brow lift, micro fat injections and TotalFX laser of the face, neck, and chest.