The idea of SAFE lipo isn't so much that the procedure itself is safer than any other type of liposuction. It stands for a certain type of liposuction, which is relatively new and that is an idea of three-step process where we do fat separation which is where the S stands for. We do aspiration which is commonly done with liposuction and then we do a process that's very important and also very new and that's fat equalization so SAFE actually stands for a three-step process and it differentiates itself from a standard liposuction because unlike techniques we were using in the last several years, lasers, ultrasounds where we were applying a thermal energy to the fat and to the skin, what we found is that people are having greater problems with contra-deformities, depressions, skin retractions, is it necessarily the right areas?

By using this new form of liposuction, using these three steps with the separation, aspiration and the fat equalization where we can actually move some of the excess fat around, we can prevent contra-deformity, still get excellent skin retraction and really prevent the thermal injury to the skin that's happening with the lasers. What makes it safe also is that we are not transacting as many blood vessels or really any at all and so you go from a liposuction aspirate that can be pretty bloody and patients that can have a lot of bruising to patients having some bruising always but clearly a lot less and that can be a big deal in people who have a little bit of a darker skin tone because they can get some of the staining from that bruising that can last for a month.

If you can prevent that by minimizing bruising on the front end, they can really have a much more fantastic result and also have an earlier result because the less bleeding and bruising that you have, the less trauma to the tissue and the quicker you are going to see your result. All liposuction needs compression and everybody needs to avoid exercise especially for the first few weeks. The compression that are typically used are targeted to the areas, so therefore into legs, we are going to be having some kind of spank or some kind of depression garment to the lower leg through the trunk or abdominal area, you are going to have a binder. For the chest, especially we are talking about men, I'm usually talking about an ACE wrap bandage and maybe like a tight under armour shirt and for everybody I like them to wear the compression in the first month and massage is also really important component to that compression so you really need to be massaging areas that [inaudible 00:02:31] firm so that they can soften up and become more even over time.

Is SAFE Lipo Actually Safer Than Other Liposuction Procedures?

Dr. Mahlon Kerr explains what SAFE Lipo means and how it can benefit qualified patients.