Hi, I'm Dr. Ken Hasen of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Naples. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon and we often get questions about what is a mommy make over. Well mommy make over is a combination of two procedures usually both of the breast and the abdomen and sometimes liposuction involved as well but the abdomen usually requires a tummy tuck which is the removal of excess skin and tightening of the muscles of the abdominal wall as well. As well as some liposuction usually of the hips and flanks as well as some breast procedure and that could be a breast augmentation alone, breast augmentation with a breast lift or a breast lift alone. It all depends on the patient's wishes, desires and also what their breast look at that time. So it's the combination of both the breast and an abdomen procedure usually after child birth is what makes up a mommy make over. Thank you.

Is It Really Possible to Get Natural-Looking Botox?

Dr. Marc DuPere addresses the "natural" trend in Botox injections and how consumers can ensure they achieve a natural look at their injection appointment.