There are so many options in breast augmentation surgery, but this doesn't mean it has to be confusing or overwhelming for you. It just means that we have choices and I can help find the best one for you. In our consultation, we'll talk about the difference between silicon gel filled implants and saline or saltwater filled implants and which is the best fit for you. We'll also talk about the anatomic or tear drop shaped implants and you'll be able to handle these in our office.

I've developed an excellent method for sizing and I can almost exactly match the size that you're hoping for. If you're unsure about how big you want to be after surgery, that's not a problem. We use an online three-dimensional breast imaging software and you'll be able to visualize yourself before and after surgery with various implant types and sizes.

I have refined the surgical technique so that I can precisely place the implants through extremely small incisions. With this, you're able to get back to your normal activities within a couple days. Most of my patients feel well enough, one day after surgery, to go out to dinner and a movie.

If you're considering breast augmentation surgery, I invite you to a complimentary consultation where I can show you these options and we can find the right one for you.

Breast Augmentation Consultation: Implant Choice and Sizing

Dr. Kyle Song explains a typical breast augmentation consultation during which the surgeon will provide choices of implant type and size to the patient while educating them on the pros and cons of each choice.