Dr. Epstein: This is Dr. Epstein. I have a very interesting revision rhinoplasty case. A woman had had her nose done around a year prior. Is that right?

Female: Yes.

Dr. Epstein: I'm not sure what was done. It just didn't give a very nice result. Let me just show you her main areas of concern. She had a hanging columella, a very wide, undefined tip. You see her profile. It turns out, when I went in there, there was very little cartilage in here other than some allografts. You can see how over projected she was, that Polly beak deformity, that fullness. A lot of deformity from the bottom view.

Basically she had a lot of concerns. This was a very challenging nose, because basically when I went in, I found that there was very little of her own cartilage. I had to reconstruct a lot of scar tissue. I had to reconstruct using, in this case, some of her ear cartilage and some of the cartilage from the nose. She's very happy. She's just two months out. It's the first time I've seen her because she lives out of town, but let's go ahead and show Cindy...

Basically what she has, as you can see, just the improvement how... She doesn't have that plunging columella. She's got nicely formed nostrils now. They're hard because these are composed of ear cartilage now. On her profile, just a much nicer view. She's a got a little bit of scar tissue. I'm gonna inject that today, but you see the improvement on what she had before. A lot of columella show. Everything is much flatter.

Big smile for me, sweetie. Her tip stays there. It is a little bit over projected. We're gonna watch that as it continues to heal, but let's take a look one more time from the bottom. I also adjusted her nostrils. You see what a big difference that is. This before vs. the actual after. She's very happy.

What I'm gonna do today is put a little bit of steroid in here to help a little bit of this fullness to go down, which is gonna go beautifully because she has a lot of scar tissue. The bones are in a good place. The nostrils are much better. Bottom line, she's doing much, much better. She's happy. We'll just continue to follow her in an every other month basis. Anyway this is Dr. Epstein showing you a revision. A very complex rhinoplasty. Thank you.

Indian Revision Rhino: Hanging Columella, Wide Tip, Overprojection

Dr.Jeffrey Epstein describes a revision rhinoplasty on an Indian patient who had very little of her own cartilage left following a previous rhinoplasty. Grafts were taken from her eat and the patient is finally happy with her new nose.