The real key in deciding what implant is going to be best for the patient is for the patient to sort of step back and first determine what size breasts you would like to have. Once you have that determined and also determine whether or not it's going to be best to perform a lift at the same time or not, you then can go ahead and start honing down on which implants you want. The first big decision to make is saline versus silicone. There are a lot of concerns that people have in the past about silicone which have been remedied by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Silicone implants are safe and they have been used in many women across the United States and across the world for not only cosmetic purposes but also for reconstructive purposes.

What's the Process For Selecting the Right Breast Implant?

Dr. Adam Schaffner explains the process for selecting the perfect breast implant.