Hi, it's Dr. Windle here in Seattle, Washington. One of the questions that women frequently ask either after they've had breast implants or sometimes before is, "What will happen to my breasts if I have breast implants in when I get pregnant?" The simple answer is usually nothing. Really what happens with breasts as they get bigger when you get pregnant, they get bigger over top of those implants. And then afterwards usually the breasts get smaller.

So long as you don't gain a lot of weight and stretch out your skin, usually that breast implant will look just fine after you have had your pregnancy and your breasts have involuted and have gotten smaller when you're finished breast feeding. So that should answer that question. I hope that helps.

What Happens to Breast Implants During Pregnancy?

While your breasts do enlarge during pregnancy, Dr. Brian Windle explains what you can expect to happen to your implants in that same time of transition.