Traditionally breast implants are round, so when you put them in, they give you a fuller appearance on the top. However, a natural breast has a nice smooth slope on the top. So the newer implants, ones by Sientra and some of the other companies, have what we call a teardrop shape to them, so when you hold them up, you see the teardrop shape. When we put them in the patient, they mimic the natural shape of the breast. All breast implants have been tested by the FDA, and they're safe. Otherwise, we wouldn't be using them, and the implants feel and look natural. We put them through a small incision at the bottom of the breast, and we put them under the muscle, so you're covered by your own natural breast tissue, but the implant enhances what you already have.

In older patients or patients with loose skin, we'll also do a breast lift at the same time, so that way we improve the shape and the size of your breast. With the breast implant when you come into the office, the first thing we do is hand you the breast implant, and you can feel it. The one thing patients always remark about is they feel a saline implant and then they feel the silicone implant and the anatomic implant. The saline implant feels like a water balloon. The silicone implant and the anatomic implant feel much more natural. And then just imagine that under your own breast tissue. So, you're feeling and touching your own breast tissue. We're just enhancing the size and shape of that what you already have.

If a Natural Look and Feel Is Important, a Shaped Breast Implant Might Be Best

Dr. David Shafer discusses the many benefits of the shaped, or anatomical, breast implants, noting their natural look and feel.