We do a number of clinical trials in our office. And being able to be on the early curve of seeing what works and what doesn't work has been very exciting in my 12 years of practice. At this point, I think we've seen some fantastic devices and some fantastic procedures in development that are just coming to fruition.

One of those things is Ultherapy. We participated in a clinical trial that was illuminating in Ultherapy. And Ultherapy is a micro-focused ultrasound device that's FDA-approved for brow lift. It's FDA-approved for neck lift and sort of jawline and neck recontouring. And we're seeing very, very significant results in people with a high degree of patient satisfaction. So that's a great procedure. It's something where sometimes people do one treatment and have very significant improvement with no downtime.

In addition, some of the things in development for something like recontouring the underneath the chin area we call the submental fat pad, there's a product in development called ATX-101 in the initial clinical areas which we participated in are very exciting as well. so I think that there's a lot of exciting things about what we can do for non-surgical rejuvenation.

How to Tighten Loose Neck Skin

Dr. Joel L. Cohen discusses how to tighten loose neck skin.