We do see a number of patients after procedures where the result just wasn't quite what they were hoping. Sometimes, we even see ones where there was some complication. Because, of course, the scar after those kinds of procedures is expected, but sometimes, maybe we can improve on that scar. But sometimes, it's more than what’s expected, and maybe even worse and so we do see those patients and we can offer them something to help them, but it is often difficult if they really got a bad scar after a procedure to have their trust for us to actually, now, do some other intervention. Because see patients that have had some laser procedure where they had a complication and got a scar. And now, I'm telling them, "Well, I have this laser that can treat the scar." And they say, "But wait a second, I already had a laser and this is what caused it." So we have to really work through that. We often start gently - we have very gentle treatments and kind of build their confidence.

As they start seeing the results then they may become much more comfortable with the procedure, but we certainly see a fair number of them.

How to Reduce or Remove Plastic Surgery Scars

Doctor George J. Hruza explains possible treatment options for reducing or removing scars incurred from a cosmetic surgery treatment.