Dr. Scott Farber: Massive weight loss patient. This is a subset of patient that is exceptionally happy with the procedures and advances that we have today.

These patients will often have excess skin of their arms, excess skin of their abdomen, thighs, and even face and breast.

So by performing a systematic approach to lift and tailor the breasts, remove the excess skin of the arms, doing a circumferential body lift--so a tummy tuck, but also extending into the back to improve the contour of the buttock and lateral well as doing thigh lifts, can really give these patients a complete transformation of their overall appearance.

And similarly, patients not only with massive weight loss, but patients that have excessively large breasts. We do breast reductions that...patients are significantly happy with these results.

It's a complete life changing event for them. They can now wear clothes more comfortably. They can exercise where they couldn't before.

And they generally have improved back pain, neck breast reduction patients, similar to body lift patients and massive weight loss patients, are exceptionally happy with the things that we can provide.


How to Reduce Excess Skin After Weight Loss

Doctor Scott Farber explains what treatment options are available for reducing excess skin after weight loss.